Discover opportunities to improve performance 

Get high-impact, high-action metrics for individual PUDOs and parcel lockers. Readily available, automatically updated, and enriched with spatial context. 

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Perform in-depth, but quick analysis

Everything from open hours, location details and capacity to important metrics - now in one place. Easily track the performance of a specific OOH point and identify key factors impacting it.

Software that brings together all important information and metrics about a single point in your ooh network

Spot and remove bottlenecks to increase utilization

Identify underperforming or OOH points in need of additional capacity. Understand how to decrease dwell time and pinpoint optimal times to load lockers. 

Comparing collection hours with vacant spaces to identify opportunities to load parcel lockers more often

Understand the impact of location

See the proximity of recipients to the PUDO or parcel locker they chose for delivery. Quickly discover expansion opportunities and ways to increase recipient satisfaction.

A graph showing the distance of order addresses from a single point

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