Get actionable insights for improving delivery processes

A tailored solution for parcel delivery companies. Gain visibility into delivery processes, understand courier performance, and discover opportunities for reducing costs.

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Understand and improve courier productivity

See how your couriers perform, literally. Easily spot patterns or deviations. Zoom in on a specific period or courier's route to investigate stops and potential time-wasters.

Shorten courier onboarding time

Identify and share best practices from past deliveries to reduce courier onboarding time from a couple of months to a few weeks.

Delivery Analytics to understand and improve courier performance.

Uniform the quality of delivery across all hubs

Track KPIs and gain a complete overview of performance for every team, including subcontractors. Easily identify couriers that are overloaded or need help and take action.

Delivery analytics to help track KPIs and uniform quality of delivery across all distribution centers.

Optimize and keep delivery areas
up to date

Analyze current delivery areas, adapt them to real-world changes, and optimize them based on data.

Create a better work structure

Understand workload distribution across areas to offer fair compensation and prevent overloading couriers.

Delivery analytics for finding ideal PUDO and APM placement and creating a better courier work structure.

Know what happens on the field in real time

Simultaneously track the shipments' status and vehicle movement in real-time.

Quickly discover couriers who are not on track and provide support. Understand why unsuccessful deliveries are happening to minimize future failed delivery attempts.

Real-time courier and shipment status tracking.

Seamless analytics, full autonomy

Quick, at any scale

Don't worry about the amount of data over time. Quickly gain insights regardless of the data volume.

Simple to use

No manual work, coding experience, or extra hands needed. A tool doesn't have to be complicated
to solve a complex problem.

Your data, your rules

Your data stays yours, forever. Effortlessly manage access levels through fine-grained permissions.

Don't just take our word for it

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“The platform made planning easier, accelerated decision-making, and helped our employees improve their organization and performance. Now that we have all the data visualized and in one place, testing ideas, presenting solutions, and providing assistance is much simpler.”

Nevenko Lazović

Supervisor for Serbia at D Express
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“Mily Tech provided a clearer picture of the couriers’ performance and workload distribution in one tool. We can now make timely decisions and better organize our deliveries while achieving significant savings.”

Miodrag Jovanović

Director of Logistics at X Express
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“Mily Tech offers a very innovative solution to the last mile delivery challenges. I am really excited about the long-term vision, powerful entrepreneurial skills, and agility of how this young startup puts its business idea into action.”

Florian Bente

Senior Supply Chain Management Expert at Siemens & Startup Coach

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