How it works

Start your journey towards a data-driven organization.


Gather your delivery data in one place

First, we integrate with your existing tools, such as Transportation and Fleet Management Systems.

However, data collection alone is not enough to turn a data-rich organization into a data-driven organization.

We assess your data health to give actionable insights into what needs improvement. 


Start learning from your data

Complexity and fragmentation of information across multiple systems leave a lot of room for inefficiencies to hide.

Once you have the data in one place, you will start discovering new things about your business. 

Discover inefficiencies

Analyze performance

Make better decisions


Turn answers into actions

Start advancing your deliveries with confidence. 

Successful last-mile delivery orchestration requires a holistic approach incorporating people, processes, and technology. 

We are aware that trying to address everything at once might be daunting. That's why we advise beginning with one city or area at a time. Once you start experiencing the benefits and generating savings, the expansion comes naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to use the Mily Tech platform?
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Besides a supported web browser*, the prerequisite is to have all your orders/shipments in a digital form.

*Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox

Is the Mily Tech platform available in my country?
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The platform is currently available for the European market.

How does Mily Tech platform pricing work?
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Pricing is based exclusively on the number of monthly processed shipments and the functionalities you choose. Contact us for more information.

Who is the Mily Tech platform for?
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Mily Tech platform is intended for any delivery business striving to constantly improve its operations and has more than 20 couriers.

How does integration work?
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Mily Tech platform easily integrates with various Supply Chain Management systems, regardless of their complexity. Contact us for more information.

Do you charge for custom integrations?
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We do charge for custom integrations based on the number of developer hours needed to integrate and structure the data to fit our platform.

Is it possible to start using only a part of the platform?
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Yes, it is possible to start with only a part of the platform. Over time, you can include other functionalities, if needed. Contact us for more information.

How do I get started?
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Book a demo and talk to one of our sales representatives.

Getting started is easy

The world of new possibilities starts now.  
We are here to support you on your journey. 

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