Launch and grow successful OOH delivery networks

A solution for teams responsible for developing the PUDO and parcel locker network. Quickly scout locations, fully understand network performance, and identify ways to drive parcel volume - all in one place.

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Find ideal locations, much faster

Leverage the full toolbox that helps you find locations with the highest potential and drastically reduce time-sucking analysis.

A feature allowing users to enter the wanted number of new locations or increase in network coverage to get suggestions for ideal locations.

Optimize the current OOH network

Easily identify poorly positioned PUDOs and parcel lockers. Understand the impact of relocating or removing them from the network before making
real-life changes.

See your delivery network as a whole

Delivery areas, couriers, and OOH points are all elements of a delivery network. Examine, model, and structure your network to ensure a unified and efficient system.


Get a quick overview of the entire network performance

Keep an eye on the most important metrics in one place. Immediately spot red flags and act promptly.

Drill down on an individual point

Gain high-impact and high-action metrics for a specific point that you won't find anywhere else. Fully understand its performance and know what to optimize to increase utilization.


Easily integrate into the checkout of any
e-commerce website

Provide a smooth checkout integration for your clients and encourage shoppers to choose PUDOs and parcel lockers as a delivery option.

A checkout widget for parcel delivery companies to show their OOH points to online shoppers.

Seamless analytics, full autonomy

Quick, at any scale

Don't worry about the amount of data over time. Quickly gain insights regardless of the data volume.

Simple to use

No manual work, coding experience, or extra hands needed. A tool doesn't have to be complicated
to solve a complex problem.

Your data, your rules

Your data stays yours, forever. Effortlessly manage access levels through fine-grained permissions.
Customer Case Story

D Express finds ideal parcel locker locations while saving 700+ hours of work

D Express teamed up with Mily Technologies to introduce new parcel lockers and maximize their use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Out-of-Home Delivery Analytics for?
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The platform is meant for last-mile parcel delivery companies at various stages of OOH development. Whether you are just starting out, planning to expand, or want to achieve more with your existing network.

What are the requirements to use the Mily Tech platform?
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The prerequisite is to have all your orders or shipments in digital form.

How does Mily Tech platform pricing work?
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We offer tiered pricing based solely on annual data volume. Add-ons and consulting services are charged separately.
For more information, please contact our Sales team at sales@milytech.com.

How does integration work?
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Our team handles most of the work, ensuring the platform seamlessly integrates with your current tools (TMS, PUDO/APM software, etc.).

Do you charge for custom integrations?
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We charge for custom integrations based on the developer hours needed to structure and integrate the data.

Is the data automatically updated?
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After the platform is integrated with your current tools, data will be automatically fetched without the need for manual intervention.

Is it possible to show third-party data?
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Our platform comes with default data layers, but we can also integrate third-party data to support your decision-making.

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