Speed up OOH delivery network expansion

Skip the manual work and months of analysis. Get suggestions for the right locations and how to increase PUDO and parcel locker network coverage. 

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Put your data to work

The Network Generator uses various data layers to ensure confident decisions. And with additional third-party data, building from scratch and expanding to new markets is easier than ever.

The ability to visualize and use multiple different data layers for analysis.

Automate location scouting

Forget about spray and pray, manual analysis, and other ineffective methods. Enter the desired number and get recommendations for ideal parcel locker or PUDO locations. 

Generate suggestions for new PUDO and parcel locker locations.

Increase PUDO and parcel locker network coverage

Improving the current coverage starts with understanding it. Then, use the Network Generator to get suggestions for reaching the desired or higher coverage.

Generate a higher OOH delivery network coverage.

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