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How X Express reduced the driving distance by 75 000 km in one month while maintaining its delivery load

May 19, 2022

X Express is a courier company that aims to provide the best delivery experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With 16 distribution centers and more than 400 vehicles, the company delivers over 20.000 parcels daily.

In February this year, the company started using the Mily Tech platform to gain deeper insights and uncover inefficiencies in its delivery processes.

“Mily Tech provided a clearer picture of the couriers’ performance and workload distribution in one tool. We can now make timely decisions and better organize our deliveries while achieving significant savings.”

Miodrag Jovanović, Director of Logistics at X Express

When analyzing the April results, X Express realized that their couriers delivered the same number of shipments as usual but traveled 75 000 km less.

Not a bad result after only three months of using the platform, especially considering the rising fuel cost.

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