Mily Tech is officially GDPR compliant

December 5, 2023

Although all our procedures have been GDPR compliant from the very beginning of our business operations, we wanted to ensure and sustain our security measures. We have partnered with Vanta to speed up the process and guarantee all required policies and procedures are in place. 

Understanding GDPR

GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, is a comprehensive data protection and privacy regulation enacted by the European Union (EU). 

Its primary goal is to enhance the protection of personal data and provide individuals in the EU and UK with more control over how their data is used. It also enforces higher accountability and transparency on organizations that handle personal data, such as Mily Tech. 

The road to GDPR compliance

The implementation of these standards is a complex and time-consuming process. For fast-growing companies, doing it alone would require a lot of resources and significant effort. 

That’s why we partnered with Vanta, a globally renowned security monitoring platform. Vanta assists companies in becoming certified for data protection and information security management systems in an effective, sustainable, and accountable way. It also provides continuous monitoring, ensuring our constant compliance. 

Becoming GDPR compliant required several tasks from our side, such as assessing our current practices, strengthening internal policies and procedures, completing GDPR-specific training programs, and appointing a Lead Supervisory Authority and Data Protection Officer. These and other tasks collectively paved the way for our successful journey. 

We’re happy to announce we are officially GDPR compliant. It signifies our commitment to the trust and privacy of our customers. Safeguarding personal data isn't a choice; it's a responsibility that defines the integrity of our business.

Miloš Zlatković, Founder and CEO of Mily Tech

The next step

Our next significant milestone is achieving ISO 27001 certification. It will enhance our commitment to data security and privacy, solidifying our dedication to safeguarding all your data.

Our ultimate goal is to walk the talk when it comes to the responsible use of technology and be a trustworthy partner to everyone we are doing business with.

For any queries related to Mily Technologies’ GDPR compliance, please feel free to contact us.