Customer Case Story

How D Express found ideal locations for parcel lockers in no time

March 1, 2022

At a glance

D Express teamed up with Mily Technologies to introduce new parcel lockers and maximize their use.




Parcel lockers reached across Serbia

Reduced decision-making time

Utilization of parcel lockers

The client

D Express is one of the leading courier companies in the Republic of Serbia. They were the first to introduce parcel lockers to the Serbian market in 2020. D Express delivers more than 65,000 parcels every day with a fleet of 750 vehicles.

Fast, precise, and reliable deliveries rely heavily on data, and D Express team also uses Mily Tech platform to continuously improve their operations.

The challenge

Throughout 2021, D Express planned to introduce new parcel lockers. But, the critical problem was: how to choose a good location for a parcel locker?

Good placement is quite a hurdle as delivery vans and recipients need to access them easily, they cannot be quickly moved around, and ROI needs to be prompt. Moreover, their visibility and promotional aspect also need to be taken into consideration.

Not only did the use of Mily Tech platform help rapidly identify ideal locations, but also to immediately tell with high confidence which existing lockers were wrongly placed and what would be better alternatives. Having all the necessary information in one place was the key to quick decision-making.

The result

In September of 2021, D Express introduced 40 more parcel lockers reaching 100 parcel lockers across Serbia. This was accomplished while reducing decision-making time by an impressive 95% compared to the previous method. Additionally, 10% of the initially placed parcel lockers got moved to new locations, seeing their utilization doubled without any marketing efforts.

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