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Partnering for greater impact

It's possible to achieve more if we move together. That is why we partner with companies pushing change forward in the last mile.

From reusable packaging...

RE-ZIP is a circular packaging concept for the eCommerce industry with the vision to end single-use packaging.

We teamed up with RE-ZIP to help them quickly analyze and optimize network of return points.

RE-ZIP’s partners and clients, such as parcel delivery companies and e-commerce shops, yield benefits from well managed and designed return system.

Picture of Re-Zip's reusable packaging boxes for the eCommerce industry.
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A must-have for companies setting up and operating PUDOs and Last Mile

Mily Technologies has developed a simple-to-use but state-of-the-art analytics software for the optimization of last-mile delivery processes. Their platform analyzes data from multiple sources, allowing courier companies to scout and optimize the PUDO network, reduce costs, improve fleet efficiency, and ultimately make better strategic decisions.

Thomas Fugl

Co-founder & CCO at RE-ZIP, Denmark

...and smarter delivery options

Deliveries to PUDOs and parcel lockers generate up to 60% fewer carbon emissions than home delivery.

We joined forces with smart locker providers to help parcel delivery companies reduce their environmental footprint by finding ideal PUDO and parcel locker locations to grow their OOH network.

A white parcel locker with a terminal.
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To CO2-neutral deliveries

RUSH Delivery is a Belgrade-based startup that provides fast and eco-friendly parcel delivery. Its fleet consists of electric bikes allowing sustainable deliveries in just 30 minutes.

We partnered with RUSH to test the latest GPS technologies to improve battery utilization and the effectiveness of couriers.

A picture of a courier from Rush Delivery on an electric bike delivering packages.
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The Milly Tech platform helped us increase productivity and enabled our couriers to work more efficiently. With all the insights and suggestions for improving the business in one place, we can easily organize deliveries, optimize results and avoid unnecessary costs.

Dragan Ristić

CEO at RUSH Delivery, Serbia

Our internal commitments

Our platform relies on the AWS serverless architecture. We are continuously monitoring our carbon footprint and working on reducing emissions.
The mix of office and remote work reduces emissions by decreasing business travel and the number of cars on the road. At the same time, it helps our team save time money and energy.
We continiously take measures to reduce waste generation, conserve energy and minimise water usage.

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